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31 March 2021: Public PhD defence

Another successful virtual PhD defence. Congratulations, Dr. Elke Vandekerkhove!

19 March 2021: Public PhD defence

Katleen successfully defended her PhD research through a virtual MS Teams meeting. Congratulations, Dr. Katleen Wils!
Watch her presentation here (in Dutch)

17 November 2020: New PhD position!

Fully funded PhD position (4 years) on sedimentology of turbidites triggered by geo- and climate hazards: integrating X-ray CT with other datasets.
For more details, visit this website

11 September 2020: Public PhD defence

Nore successfully defended her PhD research in a Covid-19-proof set-up. Congratulations, Dr. Nore Praet!
Watch her presentation here (in Dutch)

14-20 February 2019: Alaska field campaign

Looking for event deposits due to the November 2018 earthquake (M 7.0)!
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24 December 2018: Krakatoa eruption and tsunami, Indonesia

More information on the Indonesian tsunami provided by Marc De Batist on the Flemish public broadcaster (VRT)!
More info: see article (Dutch only)

February 2018: Alaska earthquake & varve project

Participate in one of the largest crowdsourcing experiments in varve-counting history... Results available soon!
More info: contact us!

8 October 2017: Everyone Ghent University event

Discover the world of earthquakes and test your talents as a geologist in our interactive workshop!

2-24 September 2017: Sumatra field campaign

Unravelling the earthquake history of Sumatra, Indonesia...