Renard Centre of Marine Geology
Department of Geology, Universiteit Gent

  Publications in Journals or Books with international peer review : 2023

Baxter, A.J., Verschuren, D., Peterse, F., Miralles, D.G., Martin-Jones, C.M., Maitituerdi, A., Van der Meeren, T., Van Daele, M., Lane, C.S., Haug, G.H., Oalgo, D.O. & Sinninghe Damsté, J.S., 2023. Reversed Holocene temperature-moisture relationship in the Horn of Africa. Nature, 620, 336-343.

Carrión Torrente, A., Lobo, F.J., Puga-Bernabéu, A., Luján, M., Mendes, I., Hanebuth, T.J.J., Lebreiro, S., García, M., Reguera, M.I., Antón, L., Van Rooij, D. & Cerrillo-Escoriza, J., 2023. Incised valleys on the Algarve inner shelf, northern Gulf of Cadiz margin: Stratigraphic architecture and controlling factors in a low fluvial supply setting. Continental Shelf Research, 266, 105095

Fentimen, R., Feenstra, E., Rüggeberg, A., Hall, E., Rime, V., Venneman, T., Rosso, A., Adatte, T., Van Rooij, D., Vogel, H., Frank, N., Krengel, T. & Foubert, A., 2023. Staggered cold-water coral mound build-up on an Alboran ridge during the last deglacial (East Melilla Mound Field, western Mediterranean). Marine Geology, 457, 106994

Granin, N.G., Kozlov, V.V., De Batist, M., Mizandrontsev, I.B., Ivanov, V.G., Sinyukovich, V.N., Granin, M.N. & Blinov, V.V., 2023. Increase in the water level of Lake Baikal as a possible cause of changes in methane flux and concentrations in the water column. Environmental Earth Sciences, 82(17), 399.

Haalboom, S., de Stigter, H.C., Mohn, C., Vandorpe, T., Smit, M., de Jonge, L. & Reichart, G.J., 2023. Monitoring of a sediment plume produced by a deep-sea mining test in shallow water, Málaga Bight, Alboran Sea (southwestern Mediterranean Sea). Marine Geology, 456, 106971

Hachikubo, A., Minami, H., Sakagami, H., Yamashita, S., Krylov, A., Kalmychkov, G., Poort, J., De Batist, M., Manakov, A. & Khlystov, O., 2023. Characteristics and varieties of gases enclathrated in natural gas hydrates retrieved at Lake Baikal. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 4440.

Kononov, E.E., Khlystov, O.M., De Batist, M., Naudts, L., Kazakov, A.V., Minami, H. & Hachikubo, A., 2023. Sublacustrine canyons of the South and Central Basins of Lake Baikal as a result of interaction of tectonic, lithological and climatic factors. Quaternary International, 644-645, 29-40.

Liu, S., Hernández-Molina, F., Rodrigues, S. & Van Rooij, D., 2023. Deep-water circulation in the NE Atlantic during the mid- and Late Cretaceous. Geology, 51(6), 515-520. 

Praet, N., Collart, T., Ollevier, A., Roche, M., Degrendele, K., De Rijcke, M., Urban, P. & Vandorpe, T., 2023. The Potential of Multibeam Sonars as 3D Turbidity and SPM Monitoring Tool in the North Sea. Remote Sensing, 15(20), 4918.

Song, X., Nian, T., Mestdagh, T. & De Batist, M., 2023. Long- and short-term dynamic stability of submarine slopes undergoing hydrate dissociation. Gas Science and Engineering, 111, 204934.

Troch, M., Bertrand, S., Wellner, J.S., Lange, C.B. & Hughen, K.A., 2023. Postglacial fluctuations of western outlet glaciers of the Southern Patagonian Icefield reconstructed from fjord sediments (Chile, 50°S). Quaternary Science Reviews, 301, 107934.

Urban, P., Veloso-Alarcón, M.E. & Greinert, J., 2023. Echo grid integration: A novel method for preprocessing multibeam water column data to quantify underwater gas bubble emissions. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 21(7), 357-449.

Van Beirendonck, F., Van der Putten, N. & Verbruggen, C., 2023. Penultimate interglacial palynology of Flanders: A revised river evolution model. Quaternary Science Reviews, 310, 108113.

Vandorpe, T., Delivet, S., Blamart, D., Wienberg, C., Bassinot, F., Mienis, F., Stuut, J.B. & Van Rooij, D., 2023. Paleoceanographic and hydrodynamic variability for the last 47 kyr in the southern Gulf of Cádiz (Atlantic Moroccan margin): sedimentary and climatic implications. The Depositional Record, 9(1), 30-51.

Vermassen, F., Van Daele, M., Praet, N., Cnudde, V., Kissel, C. & Anselmetti, F.S., 2023. Unravelling megaturbidite deposition: Evidence for turbidite stacking/amalgamation and seiche influence during the 1601 CE earthquake at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. Sedimentology, 70(5), 1349-1678.

Verweirder, L., Van Rooij, D. & Georgiopoulou, A., 2023. Margin processes sculpting a land-detached canyon-channel system: the Gollum Channel System in the Porcupine Seabight. Frontiers Earth Science, 11, 1285171.

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