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  Publications in Journals or Books with international peer review : 2019

Colin, C., Tisnérat-Laborde, N., Mienis, F., Collart, T., Pons-Branchu, E., Dubois-Dauphin, Q., Frank, N., Dapoigny, A., Ayache, M., Swingedouw, D., Dutay, J.C., Eynaud, F., Debret, M., Blamart, D. & Douville, E., 2019. Millennial-scale variations of the Holocene North Atlantic mid-depth gyre inferred from radiocarbon and neodymium isotopes in cold water corals. Quaternary Science Reviews, 211, 93-106.

De Batist, M., Huvenne, V.A.I., Van Lancker, V. & Van Rooij, D., 2019. Stratigraphy, structure and evolution of the European continental margins. Marine Geology, 416, 106004.

Fiers, G., Bertrand, S., Van Daele, M., Granon, E., Reid, B., Vandoorne, W. & De Batist, M., 2019. Hydroclimate variability of northern Chilean Patagonia during the last 20 kyr inferred from the bulk organic geochemistry of Lago Castor sediments (45°S). Quaternary Science Reviews, 204, 105-118.

Fortin, D., Praet, N., McKay, N., Kaufman, D., Jensen, B., Haeussler, P., Buchanan, C. & De Batist, M., 2019. New approach to assessing age uncertainties – the 2300-year varve chronology from Eklutna Lake, Alaska. Quaternary Science Reviews, 203, 90-101.

García-Moreno, D., Gupta, S., Collier J.S., Oggioni, F., Vanneste, K., Trentesaux, A., Verbeeck, K., Versteeg, W., Jomard, H., Camelbeeck, T. & De Batist, M., 2019. Middle–Late Pleistocene landscape evolution of the Dover Strait inferred from buried and submerged erosional landforms. Quaternary Science Reviews, 203, 209-231.

Ghazoui, Z., Bertrand, S., Vanneste, K., Yokoyama, Y., Nomade, J., Gajurel, A.P. & van der Beek, P.A., 2019. Potentially large post-1505 AD earthquakes in western Nepal revealed by a new lake sediment record. Nature Communications, 10, 2258.

Hademenos, V., Stafleu, J., Missiaen, T., Kint, L. & Van Lancker, V., 2019. 3D subsurface characterisation of the Belgian Continental Shelf: A new voxel modelling approach. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences, 98, E1.

Hebbeln, D., Bender, M., Gaide, S., Titschack, J., Vandorpe, T., Van Rooij, D., Wintersteller, P. & Wienberg, C., 2019. Thousands of cold-water coral mounds along the Moroccan Atlantic continental margin: Distribution and morphometry. Marine Geology, 411, 51-61.

Kempf, P., Moernaut, J. & De Batist, M., 2019. Bimodal recurrence pattern of tsunamis in south central Chile: a statistical exploration of paleotsunami data. Seismological Research Letters, 90(1), 194-202.

Khider, D., Emile‐Geay, J., McKay, N.P., Gil, Y., Garijo, D., Ratnakar, V., Alonso‐Garcia, M., Bertrand, S., Bothe, O., Brewer, P., Bunn, A., Chevalier, M., Comas‐Bru, L., Csank, A., Dassié, E., DeLong, K., Felis, T., Francus, P., Frappier, A., Gray, W., Goring, S., Jonkers, L., Kahle, M., Kaufman, D., Kehrwald, N.M., Martrat, B., McGregor, H., Richey, J., Schmittner, A., Scroxton, N., Sutherland, E., Thirumalai, K., Allen, K., Arnaud, F., Axford Timothy, Y., Barrows, T., Bazin, L., Pilaar Birch, S.E., Bradley, E., Bregy, J., Capron, E., Cartapanis, O., Chiang, H.‐W., Cobb, K., Debret, M., Dommain, R., Du, J., Dyez, K., Emerick, S., Erb, M.P., Falster G., Finsinger, W., Fortier, D., Gauthier, N., George, S., Grimm, E., Hertzberg, J., Hibbert, F., Hillman, A., Hobbs, W., Huber, M., Hughes, A.L.C., Jaccard, S., Ruan, J., Kienast, M., Konecky, B., Le Roux, G., Lyubchich, V., Novello, V.F., Olaka, L., Partin, J.W., Pearce, C., Phipps, S.J., Pignol, C., Piotrowska, N., Poli, M.‐S., Prokopenko, A., Schwanck, F., Stepanek, C., Swann, G.E.A., Telford, R., Thomas, E., Thomas, Z., Truebe, S., von Gunten, L., Waite, A., Weitzel, N., Wilhelm, B., Williams, J., Williams, J.J., Winstrup, M., Zhao, N. & Zhou, Y., 2019. PaCTS 1.0: A Crowdsourced Reporting Standard for Paleoclimate Data. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 34(10), 1570-1596.

Khlystov, O.M., Poort, J., Mazzini, A., Akhmanov, G.G., Minami, H.. Hachikubo. A., Khabuev, A.B., Kazakov, A.V., De Batist, M., Naudts, L., Chenskiy, A.G. & Vorobeva, S.S., 2019. Shallow-rooted mud volcanism in Lake Baikal. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 102, 580-589.

Kononov, E., Khlystov, O., Kazakov, A., Khabuev, A., De Batist, M., Naudts, L. & Minami, H., 2019. The lake floor morphology of the Southern Baikal rift basin as a result of Holocene and Late Pleistocene seismogenic and gravitational processes. Quaternary International, 524, 115-121.

Lamair, L., Hubert-Ferrari, A., El Ouahabi, M., Yamamoto, S., Schmidt, S., Vander Auwera, J., Lepoint, G., Boes, E., Fujiwara, O., Yokoyama, Y., De Batist, M. & Heyvaert, V.M.A., 2019. Late Holocene changes on erosion pattern on a lacustrine environment: landscape stabilization by volcanic activity versus human activity. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20(4), 1720-1733.

Lamair, L., Hubert-Ferrari, A., Yamamoto, S., Fujiwara, O., Yokoyama, Y., Garrett, E., De Batist, M., Heyvaert, V.M.A. & the QuakeRecNankai Team, 2019. Use of high-resolution seismic reflection data for paleogeographical reconstruction of shallow Lake Yamanaka (Fuji Five Lakes, Japan). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 514, 233-250.

Liu, D., Bertrand, S. & Weltje, G.J., 2019. An empirical method to predict sediment grain size from inorganic geochemical measurements. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20(7), 3690-3704.

Liu, S., Van Rooij, D., Vandorpe, T., Gonzalez-Pola, C., Ercilla, G., & Hernandez-Molina, F.J., 2019. Morphological features and associated bottom-current dynamics in the Le Danois Bank region (southern Bay of Biscay, NE Atlantic): a model in a topographically constrained small basin. Deep-Sea Research, Part I, 149, 103054.

Mestdagh, T., Lobo, F.J., Llave, E., Hernandez-Molina, J. & Van Rooij, D., 2019. Review of the late Quaternary stratigraphy of the northern Gulf of Cadiz continental margin: New insights into controlling factors and global implications. Earth Science Reviews, 198, 102944.

Moernaut, J., Van Daele, M., Heirman, K., Wiemer, G., Molenaar, A., Vandorpe, T., Melnick, D., Hajdas, I., Pino, M., Urrutia, R. & De Batist, M., 2019. The subaqueous landslide cycle in south-central Chilean lakes: The role of tephra, slope gradient and repeated seismic shaking. Sedimentary Geology, 381, 84-105.

Montereale Gavazzi, G., Roche, M., Degrendele, K., Lurton, X., Terseleer, N., Baeye, M., Francken, F. & Van Lancker, V., 2019. Insights into the short-term tidal variability of multibeam backscatter from field experiments on different seafloor types. Geosciences, 9(1), 34.

Rebolledo, L., Bertrand, S., Lange, C.B., Tapia, F.J., Quiroga, E., Troch, M., Silva, N., Cárdenas, P. & Pantoaja, S., 2019. Compositional and biogeochemical variations of sediments across the terrestrial-marine continuum of the Baker-Martínez fjord system (Chile, 48°S). Progress in Oceanography, 174, 89-104.

Schulte, L., Wetter, O., Wilhelm, B., Peña, J.C., Amann, B., Wirth, S., Carvalho, F. & Gómez-Bolea, A., 2019. Integration of multi-archive datasets for the development of a fourdimensional paleoflood model of alpine catchments. Global and Planetary Change, 180, 66-88.

Taviani, M., Vertino, A., Angeletti, L., Montagna, P., Remia, A. & Zibrowius, H., 2019. Paleoecology of Mediterranean Cold-Water Corals. In: Orejas, C. & Jiménez, C. (Eds.). Mediterranean Cold-Water Corals: Past, Present and Future – Understanding the Deep-Sea Realms of Coral. Springer, 15-30.

Thys, S., Van Daele, M., Praet, N., Jensen, B., Van Dyck, T., Haeussler, P., Vandekerkhove, E., Cnudde, V. & De Batist, M., 2019. Dropstones in lacustrine sediments as a record of snow avalanches - a validation of the proxy by combining satellite imagery and varve chronology at Kenai Lake (south-central Alaska). Quaternary, 2, 11.

Van Daele, M., 2019. Comment on “Holocene mass movements in west and mid-Norwegian fjords and lakes” by B. Bellwald, BO Hjelstuen, HP Sejrup, T. Stokowy and J. Kuvås [Marine Geology 407 (2019) 192–212]. Marine Geology, 412, 220-223.

Van Daele, M., Araya-Cornejo, C., Pille, T., Vanneste, K., Moernaut, J., Schmidt, S., Kempf, P., Meyer, I. & Cisternas, M., 2019. Distinguishing intraplate from megathrust earthquakes using lacustrine turbidites. Geology, 47(2), 127-130.

Vandorpe, T., Collart, T., Cnudde, V., Lebreiro, S., Hernández-Molina, F.J., Alonso, B., Mena, A., Antón, L. & Van Rooij, D., 2019. Quantitative characterisation of contourite deposits using medical CT. Marine Geology, 417, 106003.

Veloso, M., Greinert, J., Mienert, J. & De Batist, M., 2019. Corrigendum: A new methodology for quantifying bubble flow rates in deep water using splitbeam echosounders: Examples from the Arctic offshore NW‐Svalbard. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 17(2), 177-178.

Veloso-Alarcón, M.E., Jansson, P., De Batist, M., Minshull, T.A., Westbrook, G., Pälike, H., Bünz, S., Wright, I. & Greinert, J., 2019. Variability of acoustically evidenced methane bubble emissions offshore western Svalbard. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(15), 9072-9081.

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