Renard Centre of Marine Geology
Department of Geology, Universiteit Gent

  Theses : period 2010-2019

Aelterman, H., 2014. Geothermal potential study and sensitivity analysis on thermal conductivity in the northeast of Flanders (Belgium). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 143 pp.

Albers, S., 2017. Korrelgrootte-analyse op afzettingen van de 2004 Indische Oceaan Tsunami in 3 kleine kustmeren in Khao Lak, Thailand. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 22 pp.

Albers, S., 2019. Lake sediment records of late Holocene proglacial floods from the San Lorenzo Icefield (Patagonia). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 53 pp.

Avsar, U., 2013. Lacustrine paleoseismic records from the North Anatolian Fault, Turkey. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 209 pp.

Baeye, M., 2012. Hydro-meteorological Influences on the Behaviour of Sediment Suspensions in the Belgian-Dutch Coastal Zone. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 169 pp.

Bartels, A., 2012. Aard en verspreiding van vulkanische bodems in Noord-Patagonië, Chili. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 94 pp.

Baten, A., 2019. The Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene geology of the Brown Bank area in the Dutch North Sea. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 51 pp.

Bedert, R., 2013. Sedimentary record of the June 2011 eruption of Puyehue-Cordon de Caulle volcano, Chile, 40°S. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 145 pp.

Billemon, P., 2017. Geo-archeologisch onderzoek naar het verdronken Domburg. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 23 pp.

Boes, E., 2011. Karakterisatie van historische aardbevingen in Centraal Chili aan de hand van meersedimenten in Lago Laja. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 33 pp.

Boes, E., 2014. Reconstruction of the Southern Alaskan climate during the last 700 years based on a multiproxy-analysis of annually laminated lake records. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 156 pp.

Boons, J., 2014. Implementation of a seismic velocity model for Flanders. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 144 pp.

Bortolini, L., 2018. Quaternary Sedimentary Evolution of two adjacent Canyon Systems along the North-Western Sicily Margin. M.Sc. thesis, Università di Bologna – UGent. 49 pp.

Bossée, K., 2019. Grootschalige sedimentgolven in de Porcupine Seabight. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 18 pp.

Buydens, L., 2015. De relatie tussen magnetische susceptibiliteit en korrelgrootte in Patagonische riviersedimenten. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 57 pp.

Buydens, M., 2017. Pleistocene cold-water coral deposits from Sicily (southern Italy): Paleoenvironmental reconstruction through facies analysis. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 43 pp.

Casier, R., 2010. A reassessment of the gas hydrates of Lake Baikal (Siberia). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 190 pp.

Chen, H., 2014. Characteristics and Evolution of Deep-water Sedimentary Systems on the Northwestern Margin Slopes of the Northwest Sub-Basin, South China Sea. Ph.D. thesis, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan – UGent. 102 pp.

Claerhout, C., 2014. Marien seismische studie van een getijdengebied (Raversijde-Oostende) met het oog op geo-archeologische kartering. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 154 pp.

Collart, T., 2019. Cold-water corals in the Bay of Biscay – a chronicle of Holocene variability in the North Atlantic oceanic circulation. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 218 pp. 

Comeyne, A., 2010. Studie van een koudwaterkoraalmound op Conger klif (Golf van Cadiz). B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 30 pp.

Cunha, A., 2014. Sedimentological and geochemical characterization of a small scale turbidite cycle in the El Arraiche Mud Volcano Province (Gulf of Cadiz). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 38 pp.

Cuylaerts, M., 2010. Distribution and morphology of fluid-flow related lake bed structures in Lake Baikal (Siberia). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 165 pp.

De Bisschop, J., 2016. Influence of water column properties on multibeam backscatter. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 62 pp.

De Bock, H.J., 2012. Paleoclimatological reconstruction of the Late Pleistocene in Southern Patagonia from a detailed analysis of the laminated sedimentary record of Laguna Parrillar. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 134 pp.

De Bruycker, W., 2017. Inferring bottom current dynamics from high-resolution multibeam data and seafloor imagery in the equatorial Pacific ocean. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 81 pp.

De Cleene, R., 2016. Sedimentary processes on the Explorer and Dangeard Canyon interfluves. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 60 pp.

De Clercq, M., 2011. Hoge-resolutie analyse van de sedimentaire signatuur van klimaatveranderingen en van catastrofale gebeurtenissen gedurende de laatste 500 jaar in Lago Villarrica (Zuid-Centraal Chili). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 172 pp.

De Clercq, M., 2018. Drowned landscapes of the Belgian Continental Shelf: implications for northwest European landscape evolution and preservation potential for submerged heritage. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 334 pp.

De Clercq, S., 2014. Visuele, sedimentaire en geofysische karakterisatie van de Pen moat uit de zuidelijke Golf van Cadiz. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 33 pp.

De Decker, S., 2015. Sedimentologische studie van turbidieten in het Challa-meer. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 29 pp.

De Jonckheere, A., 2015. Magnetic susceptibility of volcanic ash soil profiles from northern Chilean Patagonia (44-47°S). B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 51 pp.

De Jonge, C., 2010. A multi-proxy approach to the paleoceanographic variability within the last glacial cycle offshore Morocco. M.Sc. thesis GGS Marine and Lacustrine Sciences, UGent. 25 pp.

De Mol, L., 2012. Visual and sedimentological characterization of cold-water coral mounds. From a single coral up to a large mound. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 218 pp.

De Paepe, J., 2018. Integrated stratigraphic study of the Cretaceous deposits in the Campine Basin, Northern Belgium, based on reflection seismic and borehole data. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 64 pp.

De Potter, T., 2017. Bewaren van ons geologisch patrimonium aan de hand van lakprofielen van befaamde ontsluitingen in het Cenozoïcum in Vlaanderen. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 18 pp.

De Pryck, I., 2015. CT-beelden van contourietkernen: verwerking en data-interpretatie. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 37 pp.

De Roeck, N., 2013. Sedimentary processes and cold-water coral ecosystems in the Whittard Canyon (Bay of Biscay). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 172 pp.

Debergh, R., 2016. Ice-rafted debris and calving activity in Almirantazgo fjord (Chilean Patagonia, 54°S). B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 18 pp.

Delivet, S., 2017. Sedimentary expression of internal waves on Quaternary contouritic processes along the Irish and Moroccan Atlantic margins. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 243 pp.

Deprez, M., 2016. Multiscale microCT imaging on sediment cores: Unravelling the paleoflow directions in a megaturbidite (Lake Lucerne, Switzerland). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 89 pp.

Dhaenens, D., 2017. Detailed seismic mapping of shallow gas in the nearshore area of the Belgian Continental Shelf. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 64 pp.

Doom, L., 2012. Paleoseismiciteit in Zuid-Centraal Chili tijdens de laatste 500 jaar: het sedimentologische archief van Lago Ranco en Lago Puyehue. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 91 pp.

Eloy, J., 2014. Geofysisch onderzoek van de “landfall” site te Bredene. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 37 pp.

Eloy, J., 2016. Variations in sedimentological properties in Lake Challa, East Africa: Understanding the source to sink processes. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 61 pp.

Evangelinos, D., 2014. Dispersion and deposition of sediment plumes, resulting from intensive marine aggregate excraction. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 42 pp.

Fiers, G., 2014. De kleuren van de Challa-sedimenten en hun oorsprong. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 24 pp.

Fiers, G., 2016. Postglacial evolution of biogenic silica productivity in Lago Castor, northern Chilean Patagonia. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 49 pp.

García Moreno, D., 2017. Origin and geomorphology of Dover Strait and southern North Sea palaeovalleys and palaeo-depressions. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 319 pp.

Ghazoui, Z., 2018. Late Quaternary Seismicity and Climate in the western Nepal Himalaya. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes – UGent. 136 pp.

Granon, E., 2015. Post-glacial evolution of Lago Castor (Chile, 46°S): a bulk organic geochemical perspective. MSc thesis, University of Lille. 39 pp.

Griffoy, J., 2015. CT-beelden van contourietkernen: verwerking en data-interpretatie. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 42 pp.

Guilbert, D., 2016. De link tussen bodemstromingen en koudwaterkoralen in de zuidelijk Golf van Cadiz. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 18 pp.

Gypens, T., 2014. The effect of storm events on the morphology and migration of sand dunes on the Flemish Banks (Belgian continental shelf). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 128 pp.

Heirman, K., 2011. A wind of change: Changes in position and intensity of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies during Oxygen Isotope Stages 3, 2 and 1. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 227 pp.

Huso, M., 2019. Reconstruction of Exploradores Glacier meltwater floods (Patagonia) through lake sediment analysis. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 25 pp. 

Jansen, J., 2013. Tracing the paleoceanography and paleoenvironment at Goban Spur (DSDP Leg 80) around the Middle Miocene Unconformity using grain size distributions and dinoflagellate cysts. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 128 pp.

Kempf, P., 2016. Tsunamis in south central Chile – Evidence from the sedimentary infill of coastal lakes. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 172 pp.

Kiekens, N., 2016. Distinguishing between source areas of lacustrine turbidites triggered by the 1960 and 2010 great Chilean earthquakes. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 90 pp.

Legrand, P., 2013. Reconstruction of the paleoenvironment with marine palynomorphs during the Middle Miocene Mi3 event in the Porcupine Basin (southwest of Ireland). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 115 pp.

Liu, S., 2019. Contourite depositional systems in the Le Danois Bank region, southern Bay of Biscay: sedimentary, tectonic and paleoceanographic implications. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 155 pp.

Lowie, N., 2017. Evaluation of the detection and quantification of sediment plumes caused by dredging activities using a multibeam echosounder. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 54 pp.

Marte, R., 2017. Geo-archaeological mapping of nearshore and intertidal areas at the Belgian coast (Ostend-Raversijde) using ultra-high resolution three-dimensional parametric echosounding. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 65 pp.

Matthys, A., 2010. Relatieve paleomagnetische-intensiteitmetingen op Holocene sedimenten uit het Villarricameer (Chili, Zuid-Amerika) - Bijdrage tot de mastercorrelatiecurve voor de zuidelijke hemisfeer. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 141 pp.

Messens, F., 2014. Luminescence dating of tsunami sand in south central Chile – a feasibility study. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 98 pp.

Mestdagh, T., 2015. Evaluation and modelling of the response of gas hydrate reservoirs to changing environmental conditions across a high-latitude continental margin. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 95 pp.

Moernaut, J., 2010. Sublacustrine landslide processes and their paleoseismological significance – Revealing the recurrence rate of giant earthquakes in South-Central Chile. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 267 pp.

Montereale Gavazzi, G., 2019. Development of seafloor mapping strategies supporting integrated marine management: application of seafloor backscatter by multibeam echosounders. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 365 pp.

Naudts, L., 2010. Manifestations and geological characteristics of bubble-releasing methane seeps in the Black Sea, in the SW Pacific Ocean and in Lake Baikal. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 195 pp.

Nguyen, N., 2019. Fjord sediment records of Patagonian river discharge during the last centuries. M.Sc. thesis Marine and Lacustrine Sciences, UGent. 45 pp.

Paesbrugge, C., 2010. Meren in Chileens Patagonië: karakterisatie van hun recente sedimentopvulling en drainagebekken. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 32 pp.

Paesbrugge, C., 2013. Nature of sediment sources to Laguna Parrillar (southern Chilean Patagonia, 53°S) and implications for paleoclimate reconstructions. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 84 pp.

Papadimitriou, I., 2016. Post-glacial tephrostratigraphy of the southern Chilean Lake District. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 97 pp (+appendices).

Pauwaert, Z., 2014. Spatial and temporal variability of sedimentary processes associated to the Guilvinec Canyon, Bay of Biscay. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 55 pp.

Pille, T., 2013. Event history of the Santiago area (Chile): the sedimentological archive of Lago Encañado. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 128 pp.

Piret, L., 2014. Visuele, sedimentaire en geofysische karakterisatie van de Pen Duick sediment drift uit de zuidelijke Golf van Cadiz. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 27 pp.

Piret, L., 2016. Triggering mechanism and depositional processes of a late Holocene megaturbidite in Baker fjord, Chilean Patagonia. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 59 pp.

Pirlet, H., 2010. The matrix of cold-water coral mounds: origin and early-diagenetic interactions. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 179 pp.

Potums, L., 2017. InSAR insights: Land surface deformation around coastal lakes along the Nankai Trough subduction zone, Japan. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 42 pp.

Ransschaert, M., 2012. A grainsize study of the influences of rapid climate change on the Moroccan Atlantic slope during Marine Isotope Stage 3. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 125 pp.

Rochas Aldana, A., 2018. Evolution of San Lorenzo proglacial floods (Patagonia) during the late Holocene: Are they related to glacier variability? M.Sc. thesis Marine and Lacustrine Sciences, UGent. 34 pp.

Rondelez, J., 2015. Kartering van afglijdingen op seismiek van Tustumena Lake, Alaska. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 29 pp.

Rondelez, J., 2017. Assessing the morphology and evolution of sediment waves adjacent to the Cap de Creus Canyon, NW Mediterranean. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 72 pp.

Stammen, S., 2019. Evaluating the intensity of Late Holocene proglacial floods in Patagonia, based on the grain size of floodplain sediments. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 19 pp.

Swai, V., 2018. Lake Chala turbidite stratigraphy: developing a method to identify and quantify surficial slope sediment remobilization. M.Sc. thesis Marine and Lacustrine Sciences, UGent. 36 pp.

Synaeve, J., 2010. Geomorfologie van de Selengadelta, Baikalmeer, Siberië, aan de hand van multibeambathymetrische en reflectie-seismische data. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 179 pp.

Tanghe, N., 2014. De kleuren en korrelgrootte van de sedimenten in het Castor-meer. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 44 pp.

Tanghe, N., 2016. The palaeo-environmental history of equatorial East Africa: Implications from mineralogy and particle-size distributions. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 48 pp.

Thant, S., 2014. Study on wave systems and their impact on the seabed and water column turbidity in the Belgian coastal zone. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 43 pp.

Thys, S., 2016. IRD in recente meersedimenten in Zuid-Alaska: uitkarteren met behulp van X-stralen tomografie. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 22 pp.

Thys, S., 2018. Gas extraction and gas analysis of a deep Greenland ice core – Optimizing a grating-extraction method. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 44 pp.

Travella, F., 2011. Actuele morfodynamiek en 3D structuur van de ondergrond in de concessiezone van het North Sea Power Project, Belgisch Continentaal Plat. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 181 pp.

Troch, M., 2017. Spatial variability in proglacial fjord sediment composition along the Southern Patagonian Icefield (47-51°S). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 71 pp.

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Van den Berghe, M., 2015. First quantitative assessment of buried cold-water coral mounds along the Moroccan Atlantic margin. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 54 pp.

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Van Goethem, D., 2015. A diatom-based reconstruction of late Quaternary climate changes in a sediment core of Lago Castor, North Patagonian Chilean Andes. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 86 pp.

Van Havere, M., 2016. Micropalaeontological and sedimentological analyses of Equatorial Pacific deep-sea sediments. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 90 pp.

Van Maldeghem, F., 2016. Reconstructing the late Holocene earthquake activity of western Nepal from lake sediment records. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 21 pp.

Van Roozendael, B., 2019. Integrating multibeam echosounder data and video observations for high-resolution mapping of coarse substrates: northwestern area of the Belgian Part of the North Sea. M.Sc. thesis Marine and Lacustrine Sciences, UGent. 69 pp.

Van Schandevyl, E., 2016. A dinoflagellate cyst study in core MD01-2449 as a paleoenvironmental proxy for the late Quaternary in the Seabight, SW of Ireland. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 92 pp.

Van Tornhout, E., 2015. Korrelgrootte en magnetische susceptibiliteit van sedimenten uit Almirantazgo fjord (Patagonia, Chili, 54°Z. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 27 pp.

Van Tornhout, E., 2017. Sedimentological expression of bottom currents along the upper slope of the northern Moroccan Atlantic margin over the past 1,6 My. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 50 pp.

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