Renard Centre of Marine Geology
Department of Geology, Universiteit Gent

  Theses : 2019
Albers, S., 2019. Lake sediment records of late Holocene proglacial floods from the San Lorenzo Icefield (Patagonia). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 53 pp.

Baten, A., 2019. The Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene geology of the Brown Bank area in the Dutch North Sea. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 51 pp.

Bossée, K., 2019. Grootschalige sedimentgolven in de Porcupine Seabight. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 18 pp.

Collart, T., 2019. Cold-water corals in the Bay of Biscay – a chronicle of Holocene variability in the North Atlantic oceanic circulation. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 218 pp.

Epizitone Ngulle, M., 2019. Assessing the complex relation between the Gentbrugge and Aalter Formations in the Belgian North Sea using offshore seismic data. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 53 pp.

Huso, M., 2019. Reconstruction of Exploradores Glacier meltwater floods (Patagonia) through lake sediment analysis. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 25 pp.

Montereale Gavazzi, G., 2019. Development of seafloor mapping strategies supporting integrated marine management: application of seafloor backscatter by multibeam echosounders. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 365 pp.

Nguyen, N., 2019. Fjord sediment records of Patagonian river discharge during the last centuries. M.Sc. thesis Marine and Lacustrine Sciences, UGent. 45 pp.

Stammen, S., 2019. Evaluating the intensity of Late Holocene proglacial floods in Patagonia, based on the grain size of floodplain sediments. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 19 pp.

Van der Looven, T., 2019. Stratigraphic forward modelling the late Oligocene to middle Miocene evolution of the Maldives carbonate platform (Indian Ocean). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 70 pp.

Van Roozendael, B., 2019. Integrating multibeam echosounder data and video observations for high-resolution mapping of coarse substrates: northwestern area of the Belgian Part of the North Sea. M.Sc. thesis Marine and Lacustrine Sciences, UGent. 69 pp.

Vervoort, M., 2019. Sedimentaire karakterisering van het Singkarak Meer in West Sumatra. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 18 pp.

Verweirder, L., 2019. Tsunamigenic potential of submarine landslides on passive margins: case study for the Irish margin. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 73 pp.

Wermersche, M., 2019. Late Holocene sediment drift in Aysén Fjord (Chilean Patagonia) – A geophysical and sedimentological study. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 49 pp.

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