Renard Centre of Marine Geology
Department of Geology, Universiteit Gent

  Theses : 2020

Chtouris, N.K., 2020. Multibeam backscatter response from stratified shallow marine soft substrates. M.Sc. thesis Marine and Lacustrine Sciences, UGent. 68 pp.

Epizitone Ngulle, M., 2019. Assessing the complex relation between the Gentbrugge and Aalter Formations in the Belgian North Sea using offshore seismic data. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 46 pp.

Liu, D., 2020. Integrating sediment grain size and inorganic geochemistry: Implications for paleohydrological research in Patagonia. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 165 pp.

Liu, S., 2020. Contourite depositional systems in the Le Danois Bank region, southern Bay of Biscay - Sedimentary, tectonic and paleoceanographic implications. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 155 pp.

Mestdagh, T., 2020. Late Quaternary stratigraphic and sedimentary evolution of the northern Gulf of Cadiz continental margin: New perspectives from shelf-to-slope correlation and borehole-seismic integration. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 180 pp.

Papadimitriou, I., 2019. Environmental change in equatorial East-Africa: A zoom-in on the last 3000 years. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 62 pp.

Praet, N., 2020. Towards the construction of a lacustrine paleoseismic record in south-central Alaska: a trembling tale of landslides and turbidites. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 377 pp.

Uvin, K., 2019. Seismische stratigrafie van het midden en laat Pleistoceen van de zuidelijke Noordzee – Een onderzoek aan de hand van hoge resolutie sparker gegevens. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 48 pp.

Verwimp, A., 2019. Investigation of sublacustrine seeps at the Laacher See volcanic lake (Eifel, Germany). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 60 pp.

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